Survey Says…

A recent Fluke Safety Survey (specializing in electrical safety products) sought to identify trends in various workplace safety-related topics. The good news? About 56% of those surveyed had positive opinions on how employees could make an impact on the safety of the workplace. In particular, 95% of employees believe that more can be done to make their workplaces safer.

When asked who is most responsible for workplace safety, 31% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that safety belongs to the employee/you. Maintenance managers and safety managers are also at the top, while corporate culture and human resources are at the bottom.

Almost all respondents (97.5%) agree or strongly agree that workplace safety is related to safety culture, but only 37% agree that most companies have such a culture.

Additional survey highlights include:

  • 78% believe electricians skip PPE sometimes because it’s inconvenient.
  • 72% of workers say they rely on tool technology to keep them safe.
  • 68% participate in regular safety trainings or classes.
  • 65% of electricians agree they use accurately rated test tools.
  • 56% of workers have ideas on how to make the industry safer.
  • 47% are unsure whether innovative technologies are keeping them safer.

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