New research from the National Safety Council (NSC) indicates employers that support their employees’ mental health will not only have a safer workplace but will also see a return of $4 for every dollar invested in support efforts.

More than 40% of Americans reported increased mental distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to workplace safety issues and increased healthcare costs, but new research indicates employers that support their employees’ mental health will benefit in a number of ways.

A ‘Hidden Issue’

“Employee safety is at risk any time a worker isn’t feeling 100% well – which is why we recommend employers prioritize both workers’ mental and physical wellbeing,” Lorraine Martin, NSC president and CEO, said in a news release.

Mental distress has been “a hidden issue in the workplace, with 85% of workers reporting the workplace itself affects their mental health and wellbeing.”

To address this issue, and to help employers better understand their role in supporting employee mental health, the NSC created the Mental Health Cost Calculator.

The calculator, which can be found on the NSC website, provides business leaders with data on the costs of employee mental distress in the workplace and identifies research-proven steps employers can take to help employees, along with specific ways untreated distress impacts employer costs.

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