MSP and CSD BETA Exams!

Was earning a certification one of your professional development goals for 2023? Apply to take our CSD and MSP Beta Exams!

Beta exams are new versions of the MSP and CSD certification exams that are opened to a smaller audience before being available to the general public. When you take an exam in its beta form, your results provide useful information to evaluate the quality of the exam and its questions.

Why Should You Take the Beta?

  1. Only the first 100 applicants per exam are accepted
  2. Beta Exam fees are 60-70% lower than traditional fees (each exam is only $195 plus a $95 application fee)
  3. Beta testers receive identical benefits as traditional certification

Be among the world’s first 200 participants to access the new or refreshed exam content! Exam spots are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis!

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