Lack of LOTO Nearly Kills Employee, OSHA Issues Over $200K in Serious Citations

A worker performing maintenance inside a cement mixer at a Colorado Springs concrete manufacturing company narrowly escaped fatal injuries when a co-worker turned the machine on. An OSHA investigation determined the company’s failure to comply with federal workplace safety standards nearly cost the worker their life.

OSHA inspectors learned Lindsay Precast Inc. knew that federal law required the company to train workers on lockout/tagout and confined space entry procedures before maintenance on the mixer began. Following the incident, OSHA issued one willful citation for exposing workers to potential hazards by not developing and using procedures to control hazardous energy and not training employees on the related dangers.

OSHA also issued serious citations for other failures by the company, including:
▪️ Not training workers on permit-required confined space hazards and the safety procedures for entering these spaces.
▪️ Failing to train workers on fall hazards and provide fall protection in elevated areas on and around the concrete mixer.
▪️ Failing to periodically inspect their hazardous energy control procedures.
▪️ Not training affected employees on the proper procedures for powering on and off devices requiring lockout/tagout devices.

The citations and proposed penalties totaled $203,035. The company received citations for machine guarding violations following a worker’s injury in 2017, and for respiratory protection and electrical violations in 2019.

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