Job Title:Certified Safety Manager
Company:Laredo Technical Services Inc.
Location: 100% Remote Work

Job Description:

Industrial/Occupational Safety Systems Management Services1. GENERAL: This is a non-personnel services contract to provide Industrial/Occupational Safety Systems Management Services. The Government shall not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service providers performing the services herein. Such contract service providers shall be accountable solely to the Contractor who, in turn is responsible to the Government.
1.1 Description of Services/Introduction: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform Industrial/Occupational Safety Systems Management Services as defined in this Performance Work Statement except for those items specified as government furnished property and services. The contractor shall perform to the standards in this contract.
1.2 Background: ABMC continues to have an ongoing requirement for a U.S. industrial/occupational safety systems manager, to ensure ABMC complies with all U.S. national, State, and municipal safety policy, regulations, and statutes. ABMC is an independent agency of the Executive Branch, of the U.S. Government, which operates 26 open-air sites (cemeteries) in 17 countries, employing in excess of 40 U.S. Direct Hire federal government employees and over 250 foreign nationals, engaged in agricultural operations, construction and maintenance, motor vehicle operations, heavy machinery operations, use and storage of HAZMAT (fuel, chemicals, etc.), and hosting visitors of all ages in open spaces as well as in closed museum-like buildings.
1.3 Objectives: One (1) full-time Certified Safety Manager to perform the below services.
1.4 Scope: Services include but are not limited to:
• Formulate Agency policy and procedures to promote accident prevention, and compliance with all industrial and occupational safety and health regulations
• Coordinate with ABMC HQ staff, and ABMC Overseas Operations (OO) staff to ensure field activities provide input to inform HQ policy
• Tailor federal and state statutes and regulations to the requirements of each overseas location
• Draft and publish ABMC agency-level Safety Policy
• Review local safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and ensure they comply with federal/state requirements
• The safety systems manager is not responsible for monitoring the applicability of, or enforcing compliance with, foreign national safety statutes or regulations (this responsibility is executed locally, where required, by certified foreign national safety professionals, either hired or contracted by OO)
• Work with the ABMC Training Officer to establish a safety training and certification program for local safety representatives
• Develop self-inspection checklists for use by local cemetery safety representatives
• Establish inspection schedules in coordination with local cemetery safety representatives
• Provide advice and answer questions from the field on health and safety requirements/recommendations
• Establish hazard reporting procedures and guidelines for all overseas personnel
• Develop visual aids/publications to communicate critical safety information to employees, such as reporting procedures, local safety representative contact information, and Agency-level safety representative contact information
• Establish work mishap reporting procedures
• Recommend to management the appointment of a safety investigating officer, when required, to investigate specific mishaps; provide expert guidance to investigating officer through completion of investigation; advise management on course of action following management’s review of report of investigation
• Ensure employees are familiar with medical/injury/disability reporting requirements following duty-related injuries
• Compile and publish annual required safety reports and trend-analysis, to include type, severity, monetary cost, frequency, time-lost, etc., so that management can implement preventive measures against most frequent risks. Formal reports/safety contributions to reports include:
o OSHA 300 Log
o Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) electronic submission
o Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary’s Annual Report
• Work with foreign national safety professionals, in the field, where they are present
• Coordinate local SOPs with OO’s foreign national safety professionals to ensure U.S. health and safety requirements are being integrated with foreign requirements
• Manage any other aspects of industrial/occupational health and safety to include program implementation, safety notices, updates, and coordination with federal government and industry safety representatives for new laws, regulations, and best practices
1.5 Period of Performance: The period of performance shall be for one (1) Base Year of 12 months and four (4) 12-month option years. The anticipated periods are as follows:
• Base Year: 8 July 2022 – 7 July 2023
• Option Year 1: 8 July 2023 – 7 July 2024
• Option Year 2: 8 July 2024 – 7 July 2025
• Option Year 3: 8 July 2025 – 7 July 2026
• Option Year 4: 8 July 2026 – 7 July 2027
1.6 General Information
1.6.1 Recognized Holidays: The contractor is not required to perform services on federal holidays, which include:
• New Year’s Day
• Labor Day
• Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
• Columbus Day
• President’s Day
• Veteran’s Day
• Memorial Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Juneteenth
• Christmas Day
• Independence Day
1.6.4 Hours of Operation: The contractor is responsible for conducting business, between the hours of 8am – 5pm EST Monday thru Friday except Federal holidays or when the Government facility is closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar Government directed facility closings. For other than firm fixed price contracts, the contractor will not be reimbursed when the government facility is closed for the above reasons. The Contractor must always maintain an adequate workforce for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this PWS when the Government facility is not closed for the above reasons. When hiring personnel, the Contractor shall keep in mind that the stability and continuity of the workforce are essential.
1.6.5 Place of Performance: 100% remote work.
1.6.6 Type of Contract: The government will award a labor hour contract based on fixed hourly rates. Rates are fully burdened.
1.6.7 Security Requirements: Contractor personnel performing work under this contract must have a current National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) at time of the proposal submission and must maintain the level of security required for the life of the contract. Physical Security: The contractor shall be responsible for safeguarding all government equipment, information and property provided for contractor use.
1.6.8 Special Qualifications: The candidate will be a certified safety manager.
1.6.9 Post Award Conference/Periodic Progress Meetings: The Contractor agrees to attend any post award conference convened by the contracting activity or contract administration office in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 42.5. The contracting officer, Contracting Officers Representative (COR), and other Government personnel, as appropriate, may meet periodically with the contractor to review the contractor’s performance. At these meetings the contracting officer will apprise the contractor of how the government views the contractor’s performance and the contractor will apprise the Government of problems, if any, being experienced. Appropriate action shall be taken to resolve outstanding issues. These meetings shall be at no additional cost to the government.
1.6.10 Contracting Officer Representative (COR): The (COR) will be identified by separate letter. The COR monitors all technical aspects of the contract and assists in contract administration The COR is authorized to perform the following functions: assure that the Contractor performs the technical requirements of the contract: perform inspections necessary in connection with contract performance: maintain written and oral communications with the Contractor concerning technical aspects of the contract: issue written interpretations of technical requirements, including Government drawings, designs, specifications: monitor Contractor’s performance and notifies both the Contracting Officer and Contractor of any deficiencies; coordinate availability of government furnished property, and provide site entry of Contractor personnel. A letter of designation issued to the COR, a copy of which is sent to the Contractor, states the responsibilities and limitations of the COR, especially with regard to changes in cost or price, estimates or changes in delivery dates. The COR is not authorized to change any of the terms and conditions of the resulting order.

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