ANSI Accreditation for CSD and MSP

The purposes of Certified Safety Director (CSD) and Master Safety Professional (MSP) programs are to establish international standards for certification in the workplace safety profession, to provide recognition of qualified individuals, and to afford a guarantee to employers that certified personnel have attained stated education and experience qualifications.

To accomplish this, we are having the CSD and MSP accredited by ANSI under the 17024 standard. We are progressing nicely through the year-long process, and now we are looking for current CSMs, CSDs, and LSPs to sit for our PILOT EXAMs in March for the accredited version of the CSD and MSP.

How does it work?

To register for the exam, simply complete the application form and submit payment. Since the exam isn’t until March you have time to prepare. The test is only $395 (for either CSD or MSP – HALF off the future cost). You can purchase the exam bundle for $595 which includes the exam registration and prep course for the CSD exam. The prep course isn’t required but highly recommended to study for the exam.

After completing the registration, you will receive confirmation from NASP. In February, Scantron (the 3rd party proctor) will contact all registrants to schedule your pilot exam in March at the testing location nearest you. WE ARE OFFERING THREE FREE YEARS OF NASP MEMBERSHIP ($585 VALUE) AS A BONUS FOR REGISTERING NOW. REGISTRATION MUST BE BEFORE JANUARY 31ST.

Help us to make the CSD and MSP the premier designations in the safety field!!

Click here to register for the CSD exam. (CSMs register for CSD exam.)


Click here to register for the MSP exam. (CSDs and LSPs register for MSP exam.)

For more information, click here for an overview of the process.