National Association of Safety Professionals

The NASP offers professional and topical certifications for construction, general industry and petroleum industry, including the vital general industry Safety Manager/ Trainer 40-hour Course. All courses are available in the independent study format, delivered directly to the student by way of a computer download. Online testing is available at the end of every course.

Professional Certification Courses

There are 12 professional certifications, including the Safety Manager/ Trainer Course, to choose from. You should pursue a professional certification if:

  • You want to expand your understanding of workplace safety.

  • You want to offer NASP diplomas and cards.

  • You want to take your employees above and beyond OSHA standards.

  • You are looking for a fun, effective approach to safety training.

Topical Certification Courses

There are 29 topical certification courses to choose from. All are independent studies, allowing you to work at your own pace and many can be bundled together as a part of high-level professional certifications. You should pursue a topical certification if:

  • You want to provide topic-specific training to your employees.

  • To reinforce understanding of safety topics prominent in current events, like emergency management.

  • You want to gain necessary or valuable education for specialized safety occupations.

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